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The Anatomy of a Wool Fibre

Wool is among the most versatile of natural fibers. Its amazing properties are well-known, but not found among many other natural fibers. The structure of a wool fiber consists of several different properties, each with unique functions.

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Why we love wool hoodies (And you should, too!)

Wool is our pillar here at Mountain Meadow Wool. Everything we do revolves around wool; whether were talking with local ranchers or wholesaling our yarn to a local yarn store, or in production of our finished products, it’s all about the wool. I want to specifically talk about Why we love wool hoodies and you should too! There are so many amazing properties to wool, specifically how it affects you and I physically. Wool itself is an extremely fascinating fiber, as you all probably already know, but let’s run through some of those properties: Wool is 100% natural, biodegradable, and renewable. A person can’t produce wool from any other means than from sheep. Not only that, but a sheep will...

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